Posted August 1, 2016

The Construction Credit Report: One report does it all

The Construction Credit Report is a new single-source report providing critical construction related data.

Yesterday, industry leaders in business credit data exchange on the West Coast: Credit Management Association (CMA), Ansonia Credit Data and Southwest Business Credit Services, released The Construction Credit Report, providing companies in the construction industry all the critical information they need to facilitate sales to their customers.

The Construction Credit Report makes data available to construction companies immediately via the internet, including title search (with live links to actual documents) on mechanics lien filing/release; notice of completion; notice of Lis Pendens (action/discharge); public records search on bankruptcy; tax lien or judgment; active trade lines; credit analysis and score; collection agency and factoring company activities; and links to state Registrars Of Contractors. Each report is available for $29.95.

“The report gives someone in the construction industry all of the data they need to know about the amount of risk associated with a construction project in one place,” said CMA President and CEO Mike Mitchell. “There’s nothing else like it on the market to my knowledge. In the more than 30 years of experience that CMA has in the Construction Forms Filing business, our customers have asked us for this type of report, but we previously didn’t have the technology to allow us to provide it.

"With the help of our partners, we believe the report will save our customers countless hours searching for this type of data in multiple places, some of which is exclusive to this report. The information gained from the report can potentially save our customers tens of thousands of dollars by helping them avoid over-extending credit to risky companies.”

Rich Adams, President and CEO of Southwest Business Credit Services, concurred. “The data contained within the report helps material suppliers, general contractors and project lenders perform due diligence on their customer as well as the projects they will be supplying materials, labor or financing for. The ability to confirm that a contractor is licensed to execute the work they're going to do, pays their bills on time, is free of liens, judgements and the like all in one report is previously unheard of in my 35 years in business credit,” he said. “This report will help you determine the maximum dollar value your company should risk for any project that your customer is bidding on or that you plan to supply materials for.”

Bill Weiss, Vice President of Sales for Ansonia Credit Data, agreed: “The depth of the credit-related information available on this report, coupled with technology that not only captures mechanic lien and title detail but can also download the actual documents, make this offering unique. There is so much useful information available – it really makes the credit department’s job much easier to have all of that information in one place without having to search for it.”

To use the Construction Credit Report, log in to, or

The Construction Credit Report is one of many services available to material suppliers, construction companies, bonding companies and lenders from CMA, Ansonia Credit Data or Southwest Business Credit Services including assistance in filing mechanics liens and preliminary notices, lien warning notices, bond claims and stop notices. For more information, visit,, or

Credit Management Association (CMA), founded in 1883, is a Burbank, Calif.-headquartered trade association with approximately 1,300 member companies representing over 250 different business categories selling regionally, nationally and internationally. CMA focuses on providing products and services that allow companies to make informed business decisions based on trade credit. CMA is one of the largest affiliates of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), whose 33 affiliates serve all of North America. For more information, call 800-541-2622, or visit

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