2020 STAFDA Directory Media Kit

STAFDA Directory 2020 Media Kit

Stronger each day — the industry's leading product sourcing guide is the right tool for the job — in print and online!

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Product sourcing can be the difference between keeping or losing customers. The STAFDA Member Directory helps distributors quickly find Your Products — and add Your Brands to their line cards. 

Print is the foundation upon which online reach grows. The proof is in the numbers: 

  • With over 1,025 distributor firms with 6,200 branches, STAFDA Distributor Members sell over $18 Billion annually in goods and services
  • Last year, STAFDA Directory Online page views grew 46 percent — to 131,384 
  • Last year, distributors spent an average of 7.60 minutes per visit researching products and services in the STAFDA Directory Online 
  • Nearly 75 percent of STAFDA Distributor Members have purchased products and added lines as a result of seeing them in the STAFDA Member Directory.

To get your products sold by the best sales forces in the world, look no further than STAFDA and the STAFDA Directory.