Posted August 3, 2016

SubLoc PRO SCRAIL earns approval for use with Norbord OSB subfloor panels

Norbord produces wood-based panels in the United States, Europe and Canada. 

SubLoc PRO SCRAIL fasteners developed by the BECK Fastener Group have recently been approved by Norbord, Inc. for use in installation of Norbord's OSB subfloor brands, which include Pinnacle, TruFlor, PointSIX, Durastrand PointSIX, Stabledge, Rimboard and Norbord SteadiTred stair tread panels. 

Norbord Inc. is a global producer of wood-based panels with 17 operations in the United States, Europe and Canada. 

"Norbord structural sub-floor panels are to be installed according to the APA’s (The Engineered Wood Association) E30 Construction Guide, the appropriate building code and/or the design professional’s specifications," stated Geoff Angle, Product Manager at Norbord Inc. 

"If the SubLoc PRO SCRAIL is to be used along with the E30 Construction Guide and FASCO can show equivalency of the SubLoc PRO SCRAIL to an 8d common nail, then it would be appropriate to use the SubLoc PRO SCRAIL in conjunction with the E30 Construction Guide to install Norbord OSB Sub-Floor panels.

"Norbord makes no claim as to the equivalency of the SubLoc PRO SCRAIL to an 8d common nail. That responsibility lies solely with FASCO America."

Last year, FASCO America announced that the IAPMO's Uniform Evaluation Service had updated its evaluation report ER-0344 to indicate that SubLoc PRO SCRAIL fasteners are in full compliance with both the 2012 International Building Code (2012 IBC) and the 2012 International Residential Code (2012 IRC) requirements as approved substitutes for 8d common nails used in horizontal diaphragm, shearwall, and braced walls.

This has been published now as evaluation report ER-406, which further states that SubLoc PRO SCRAIL fasteners are in full compliance with the 2015 International Building Code (2015 IBC) and the 2015 International Residential Code (2015 IRC) requirements. The IAPMO's evaluation represents the ultimate in independent assurance, being the foremost source of uniform codes and standards used by building officials across America.

SubLoc PRO SCRAIL fasteners help prevent subfloor squeaks by securing against micro- movement of the underlying wood flooring materials. With head pull through values more than 10% higher and withdrawal values that are more than 40% higher than ring shank nails, SubLoc PRO SCRAIL are proven to be a premier product for building professionals to use on subfloor installations.

Brett McCutcheon, General Manager of FASCO America, master distributor for the BECK Fastener Group, commented, "Our SubLoc PRO SCRAIL product has been getting a lot of
recognition for being an excellent alternative fastener to nails, as well as both collated and bulk screws. With its improved holding power (as compared to ring shank nails), new head design for improved pull-through resistance, and its ability to be quickly driven with a pneumatic nailer, SubLoc PRO SCRAIL is an excellent choice for subfloor installation.

"We are exceptionally proud to have this nod of approval from such a prominent producer of sub-flooring and wall sheathing as Norbord.”

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