Posted April 23, 2019

AD adds Amerlux as ‘Best-in-Class’ supplier

New Value line caters to distributors and design-build firms.

Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today that it has accepted an invitation to join Affiliated Distributors’ (AD) network of premier LED lighting suppliers.

AD only accepts “best-in-class” suppliers who can support its more than 600 distributors, provide access to cutting-edge products and deliver planning support that will keep AD members ahead of the competition.

“This new relationship represents a tremendous opportunity, which is the culmination of three decades worth of research, development, innovation and excellence,” said Amerlux CEO and President Chuck Campagna. “We continue to listen to the marketplace before we respond with a solution. That’s how we built our name and culture.”

The award-winning lighting manufacturer serves the design-build, commercial, retail, hospitality and exterior markets. It continues to deliver expertise in the manufacturing of specification-grade linear, point source, downlighting, specialty and exterior products—all at affordable prices along with fast, dependable delivery.

Next month, Amerlux will unveil its new lineup of lighting solutions at LightFair 2019 (Booth #5837) in Philadelphia. Special demonstrations will be held during the conference across the street at Le Meridien Philadelphia, located at 1421 Arch Street.

“Bottom line, we are a great match for AD’s vast network,” Campagna said. “Our inclusion is a great industry honor.”

New ‘Value’ Line for Distributors

Amerlux recently expanded its growing portfolio of products to include the fast-track to market at a lower cost, specifically catering to the needs of distributors and design-build firms.

After listening to its customers, Amerlux introduced the new Value Line, which features products that deliver the same spec-grade engineering and high-end aesthetics that built the company’s storied brand, but in standard sizes at more cost-effective pricing and engineered to reduce overall installation costs, compared to its made-to-measure products in its Quality Line.

Comprising 10 interior and exterior products to date, Amerlux’s Value Line includes linear

lighting, down lights, track lighting, pedestrian lights, step lights, accent lights and flood lights. Value Line products typically can be shipped to a jobsite in 3-10 days to quickly advance any new construction or retrofit project.

Amerlux recently published its Value Line guide that describes each product included in the new assortment. (Click here to download the new guide.)

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