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1Shot Steel Stud Anchor

Unlike standard screws, these new patented stud anchors fasten directly into steel studs.

Entrepreneur Mark Robbeson has created and developed a quick and easy way to install cabinets or wall hangings in steel-stud homes and offices. Today, high-rise buildings and offices are dominating our skylines--steel studs are used in their construction, which presents a unique problem. 

Until now, steel studs have been impossible to grab with standard screws, creating the costly, labor-intensive need to insert solid backing behind drywall. The newly patented 1Shot Steel Stud Anchor eliminates this hindrance, delivering serious grip and unmistakable holding power in an otherwise light duty material.

“While I was designing and building TV studios, nightclubs and restaurants in Canada, my friends and clients were asking me to do carpentry in their homes around the city,” Mark Robbeson said.

“Time and time again, I had the same problem with interior walls—I had to waste time and energy opening up the drywall to pack the studs with wood or add sheets of plywood to mount cabinets and TVs to the wall. I invented and patented the 1Shot Steel Stud Anchor to alleviate this problem.”

In most skyscrapers, walls are framed with 25-gauge steel studs. These studs are thin and usually not very strong, so conventional screws strip easily and are prone to detaching. Adding wood or sheets of plywood inside the wall adds an extra step, costing both time and money.

The new 1Shot Steel Stud Anchor is an unconventional fastener that’s specially designed to solve this problem. Unlike standard fasteners, the 1Shot Steel Stud Anchor penetrates thin steel studs and holds them tight.

“This innovative, game-changing screw makes it quick and easy to attach flat-screen TVs to walls and mount entertainment centers and cabinets,” Robbeson said. “The 1Shot Steel Stud Anchor also works flawlessly with all IKEA wall mounting systems.”

The new 1Shot Steel Stud Anchor is available in select hardware stores with distribution centers in the United States and Canada. Visit the website at