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Other Products: Air King Fire-Rated Fans

Not all ventilation fans are created equal so Air King is proud to offer its full line of UL263 listed fire-rated fans. They are UL Listed for use in combustible (wood frame) construction and have been successfully tested by UL in more truss designs than any major manufacturer (L501, L502, L503, L506, L507, L508, L512, L513, L514, L515, L516, L517, L519, L522, L523, L533, L537, L545, L581, L583).

“Now that the 2009 IBC requires fire-rated fans to have UL263 listing, builders can really save themselves time and trouble by choosing Air King first. We have offered UL263 approved fans for more than seven years and now offer the most UL compliance options on the market so we have fire-rated fans that cover all your needs,” says Jeff Kenkelen, president.

The fire-rated exhaust fan series features a three-part system that includes a housing, motor/blade/metal grill and damper. The 4" round spring loaded metal damper protects against back drafts.

These fans easily install using the included adjustable hanging brackets. The all-metal grill is low profile and durable with a painted, white finish. Included among the fire-rated models are ENERGY STAR qualified fans, single and dual speed fans, humidity sensing fans and they are available as contractor packs.