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All Material Handling Badger Lever HoistsLifting, Moving & Material Handling

All Material Handling Badger Lever Hoists

The updated Badger brand lever hoist is now for sale in the North, Central and South Americas.

Badger is an All Material Handling (AMH) value brand that has features and reliability rivaling many premium manual chain hoists. The Badger products have been sold in the Americas by AMH for the past 14 years. This time-proven product has just been updated.

The following improvements include features only found on premium manual hoists:

A) Optional overload protection is now available on all Badger hand and lever chain hoist. The protection is by slip clutch that prohibits lifting of damaging overload in the lift direction only.

This type of ONE WAY clutch has been associated with the best hoist in the market as it assures any load can be lowered.

B) Grade 80 zinc plated load chains are being phased into production replacing the classic black finish. Best of all, the new zinc plated chain is made available without price increase.

C) LC series Lever Chain Hoist are now available with Shipyard Hooks for use in applications where tip loading is required. The new Shipyard Hook option is made available at no extra charge.

Visit the AMH web site, to learn more about the Badger hoist and many more material handling products available from dealers located throughout the Western Hemisphere.