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All Material Handling X5 Lever HoistLifting, Moving & Material Handling

All Material Handling X5 Lever Hoist 

AMH is announcing the availability of a new premium lever chain hoist. The X5 series is one of the lightest and most compact units in the market. US Ton capacities of 3/4 - 1⅛, 1 ¾, 3½, 7 and 10 are offered with the best features in the industry.

Quality begins with the choice of design and manufacturing processes. Like most modern manual hoists, AMH products are produced offshore. However, what differentiates AMH product is the quality control and test procedures utilized at the factory, and the repeat inspection and test as every X5 hoists is final assembled in the USA.

The X5 series name is a reflection of the 5 X design factor which meets requirements of ASME HST-3 Appendix A for chain hoists used in marine and other applications as required by the US department of defense (DOD). To top off the offering, a limited lifetime warranty is offered to the original purchaser.

The following options are available: Any lift specified (not limited by preassembled units)

  • Shipyard Hooks for 1 3/4 and 3 1/2 Ton units
  • Self-locking hooks for 3/4 -1 1/8, 1 3/4 and 3 1/2 Ton units.
  • Overload Protection set to slip at 150% (+/- 20%)
  • Top hook extender kits for 3/4 - 1⅛, 1 ¾ and 3½ Ton units.

AMH was the first to offer bolted hook blocks as a standard, allowing 100% inspection per ASME B30 requirements. Since introduced a decade ago, this feature has now been copied by several brands in an attempt to catch up. Bolted hook blocks offer advantages such as the ability to replace or upgrade to optional hooks economically, without replacing the entire hook block assembly.

Upper and lower hooks are identical allowing for the ease of stocking and repair. AMH hoists, including the X5, are available with overload protection that only slips in the lift direction, assuring that any load can be lowered.

Manual hoists are equipped with mechanical load brakes that are set by the load itself. If the load is near the overload setting, or if a load experiences vibration or shock, the brake may require more force to release than the overload protection setting. If the protection is not one way then the load can be stuck, unable to be lowered by the hoist.

AMH uses premium load chains from the best manufactures in the world originating in Japan, Europe or the USA. All have batch traceability codes stamped into the chain links. From these codes any chain can be traced to the batch, material and test certification that it was produced under. The process used to make AMH chain insures that every link is loaded in excess of 2X working load limit.

AMH factory tests and any future tests done at AMH service centers are documented by a unique serial number stamped into the stainless steel nameplate. All tests are also recorded on the AMH website’s test database for retrieval at any future time. The AMH test database, including test forms and procedure, is available at no charge for use by AMH distributors.