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Ames Drywall Sanding Sponges, Discs and SheetsAbrasives

Abrasives: Ames Drywall Sanding Sponges, Discs and Sheets

AMES Taping Tools now offers several high-quality abrasive tools including sanding sponges, discs and pre-cut sheets as part of its extensive supply of drywall merchandise and equipment. Ideal for sanding drywall and painted surfaces, these high-performance and affordable abrasives cut faster for higher productivity and profit.

AMES-branded abrasives are available in:

  • Wedge, dual-angle and straight-angle sponges that are offered in a range of grits, as well as combined-grit formats for scuffing and finishing work.
  • 9-inch discs that hold more securely to hook & loop pads, resist tearing and use high-performance silicon carbide grain to cut faster.
  • Pre-cut sheets and rolls made with heavy-duty paper that resists tearing and resin bonding for maximum grain adhesion.

AMES abrasive products come in a variety of grades and sizes that lend themselves to an assortment of different projects and uses. Learn more at or call 888-BAZOOKA.