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Bosse Tools Ergonomic Shovels

Bosse Tools ergonomic shovels increase productivity and also injury on job sites for workers.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, workplace injuries cost America over 50 billion dollars annually, and additionally detract 5 million hours of work – a serious problem. This would be the equivalent to every worker in the USA getting a $400 bonus check or over 620,000 people taking a day off work.

“There has been absolutely no change in shovels since they were first created,” said Bosse Tools' founder and CEO, Stephen Walden. “We see so many products change and adapt to modern technology, but when we look at shovels today and shovels from a hundred years ago, we have seen no innovation or improvements that can reduce exposure to risk in these highly labor driven industries.”

What started as a simple way to make shoveling in the back yard just a little easier has now turned into a way for large corporations to mitigate risk amongst work crews with the goal of reducing worker’s compensation claims and injuries.

“Once large companies recognize that these tools can actually make the workplace safer, they’ll realize that purchasing the right kind of shovel can actually help their bottom line,” explains Business Development Specialist Troy Sherman. 

Shovels are typically just a line item on a company’s expense report, but the Bosse shovels is the first of its kind to become a risk mitigation device, not just a tool to leave in the dirt.

In any field of manual labor, the back muscles experience more stress and strain than any other part of the body. It comes as a result of daily repetitive motion. Simply lifting a 25 pound item puts 700 pounds of force on the back. Whether an individual is digging a trench or transferring loose material, OSHA supports the claim that “ergonomics programs and specific ergonomic interventions can reduce these injuries.”

According to OSHA’s General Duty Clause, employers must make efforts to reduce exposure to risk. Until now, no one conceived of a shovel that actually accomplishes this requirement. However, with a 16-position locking handle customizable for different jobs, tasks and users, reducing stress and strain on backs, wrists and shoulders is indeed possible.

Bosse Tools supports this transformation through ergonomic and bio-mechanical research conducted by Arizona State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Noraxon’s Evidence Based Biomechanics lab. Preliminary research shows that using Bosse Tools’ shovels significantly decreases back compression and improves wrist posture. In addition, the research shows reduced back muscle exertion, and even lower user heart rates when compared to traditional shovels.

“At Lovitt & Touché we strongly believe that Workers’ Compensation programs should benefit both employer and employee,” said Melissa Lykins, CWCP Claims Manager, Lovitt & Touché . “Because of their unique potential to lower insurance premiums while simultaneously improving worker health and comfort, Bosse shovels are an ideal fit for our clients.”

With customers in multiple industries such as construction, waste removal services, parks & recreation, as well as major utility companies, Bosse Tools is finding clients that are eager to introduce a product with the ability to make the workplace safer. With various claims analysis indicating that back injuries can cost a company anywhere from $30,000 to $300,000, there is a clear need for more devices that take workplace safety into consideration.

“Factor in the additional cost of shoulder and wrist injuries, and an $80 shovel all of a sudden seems like a pretty inexpensive insurance policy,” says Bosse Tools Vice President Aaron Gagleard.

One of Bosse’s newest adopters is Republic Services, the second largest waste and recycling service in the US. After using the scoop shovel, Tim Pieters, Republic’s Southwest Safety Manager stated that, "From a safety perspective, I like the unique adjustable center grip which allows our employees to minimize the twisting and torquing of their bodies while using the shovel. The simplification of body movements with the center hand grip reduces the wear and tear on key body parts: shoulders, rotator cuffs and low backs. In the long run, I believe the reduction of torque and twist associated with the use of this shovel will make our employees less susceptible to injuries associated with ‘push, pull & lift’ activities."

The Bosse shovel was featured on Popular Science’s “10 Best Things” list in the magazine’s February 2014 issue, and stories about the company have appeared in nearly 50 media outlets.

Availability & Pricing
Round Point Shovel: $79.99
Flat Head Shovel: $79.99
Scoop Shovel: $89.99
Snow Shovel: $89.99 and back-ordered through October

Headquartered in Phoenix, privately-held Bosse Tools delivers a line of innovative, ergonomic and efficient tools for workers and DIY'ers. Industrial, age-old design finally meets ergonomic innovation with groundbreaking technology – a new way to handle tools. For more information, visit