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CAMO ClipDRIVE Decking ToolDrywall & Decking Screws

CAMO ClipDRIVE Decking Tool

CAMO® ingenuity has done it again. The innovators in deck tools and fasteners introduce the next generation of stand-up fastening with the CAMO ClipDRIVE™.

Designed for fastening CAMO Universal Deck Clips, the ergonomic, lightweight tool attaches to any drill and allows you to stand comfortably while fastening any type of grooved deck board.

“We’ve been working closely with contractors to get a deep understanding of their everyday jobsite challenges,” said Doug Hutchings, Vice President of Product Development at National Nail. “Building on existing CAMO innovation, the CAMO ClipDRIVE answers the call for a better way to install grooved deck boards.”

The ClipDRIVE features a height-adjustable handle and weighted nose so you can quickly swing the tool from joist to joist and easily target the exposed screw head. With a simple design and reliable performance, you don’t need an instruction manual to get to work with ClipDRIVE. The heavy-duty contractor-grade tool is simple to put together and comes with a T-15 bit that’s easy to install.

When used with CAMO® Universal Deck Clips, the ClipDRIVE is the fastest, easiest and most comfortable way to fasten leading grooved decking in the industry. After securing your first board with CAMO STARTER Clips, set a field of deck boards and CAMO Clips in place. CAMO offers EDGE® Clips to fasten deck boards in a 90-degree pattern, CAMO EDGEX® Clips to install at any angle deck pattern and CAMO EDGEXMETAL® Clips for 14–18 gauge metal frames.

The clips don’t require partial installation, staying in place on the joist or the groove of the board. For the most efficient install, add 2–4 CAMO LEVER® tools to the job to lock in the field of boards and clips, freeing you up to fasten. Then, quickly fasten the clips up to 5X faster with the CAMO ClipDRIVE—a huge time-savings.

Like all CAMO products, CAMO ClipDRIVE, Universal Deck Clips and LEVER are backed by a CAMO Warranty for use with leading deck boards so you can confidently use them on every install.

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