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CE Tools SnapBack Releasable Chalk LineLevels & Measurement

CE Tools SnapBack Releasable Chalk Line

The SnapBack Releasable Chalk Line is contractor engineered for durability, speed & ease of use. It snaps back so you don’t walk back! The double-fanged teeth design locks in place and doesn’t move until you release it. Never cross a workspace again to retrieve a chalk line tip!

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  • Includes the SnapBack releasable tip
  • Recessed SnapBack tip holder, fits flush to chalk line body
  • Sleek, rugged new design
  • Built-in belt clip
  • High quality non-slip rubber grips
  • 4.4:1 ratio planetary gear system
  • High impact, UV resistant ABS housing
  • Precise plumb bob indicator on face plate
  • Ultra-thin and strong woven cord for superior chalked lines
  • Internal string guide system for snag free reliability
  • Separator plate isolates chalk from gearing system
  • Advanced design of double-clipped chalk door ensures easy access for pouring and decreased chalk spills
  • Fat body design is ergonomically crafted to fit your hand
  • Six years of product development and job site testing ensures the best quality and performance

CE Tools Inc. is a new company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded by a third-generation contractor, President/CEO Dan Lemcke had his “aha” moment while chalking lines alone on a roof, realizing there had to be a better way. The Snap Back Chalk Line with a releasable tip is the result of that day and is the first of many game changing products to be launched by CE Tools Inc. CE Tools Inc. 615-540-1084