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Cerrowire CerroPack Packaging SystemCable Installation

Cerrowire CerroPack Packaging System

Cerrowire, a leading U.S. manufacturer of copper building wire, is debuting the CerroPack, a specialized THHN material handling packaging system.

Designed specifically for mid-length wire pulls, the CerroPack delivers from 750 to 1,500 feet of 10-, 12- or 14-gauge THHN with the improved SLiPWire Technology.

Electricians can carry CerroPack directly to the raceway. At less than 30 pounds, the CerroPack is lighter and easier to transport than traditional put ups.

This special packaging incorporates REELEX technology to ensure smooth, controlled, tangle-free wire pulls. The interlocking snap-and-pull design allows the end user to configure the packs as needed to pull the circuit all at once, saving setup time and materials.

The advanced design of the CerroPack includes a remaining footage estimator, making it easy to manage inventory on the job site. In addition, the clear plastic pack keeps the wire clean and protected.

“At Cerrowire, we know quality and speed are critical to the bottom line for our customers and we continue to introduce products and services that provide a competitive advantage. The new CerroPack is specifically designed with built-in features that improve workflow and reduce waste,” commented Vice President of Sales Toby Robin.