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Confast Redhead Trubolt AnchorAnchors

Confast Redhead Trubolt+ Anchor

The RedHead Trubolt+ wedge anchor is a heavy-duty fastener for anchoring to the numerous concrete base materials commonly found in infrastructures. It features a high strength steel body for dependable results.

One of the most significant features of this versatile concrete fastener is that it is approved to meet all requirements for cracked and un-cracked concrete applications. The RedHead Trubolt+ wedge anchor is also approved for seismic applications, and has 360°contact with concrete to assure full expansion for reliable working loads

Since the Redhead Trubolt+ anchor bodies are manufactured in the United States, they are an approved American-made product for the "Buy America" movement.

The exposed end of a RedHead Trubolt+ wedge anchor has its length identification stamped on it for easy inspection. The anchors provide the maximum flexibility for project designs and specifications, and help in a variety of specification ranges with close proximity designs.

Additional features of the Redhead Trubolt+ wedge anchor are highlighted below:

  • - ICC ESR-3722
  • - Anchor body made from the following materials:
  • - Uses carbide tipped hammer drill bits made in accordance with
  • ANSI B212.15-1994
  • -Versatile fully threaded design is standard on sizes up to 3/4" diameter and 10" length- 360°a contact with concrete assures full expansion for reliable working loads
  • -Not bottom-bearing, may be used in hole depth exceeding anchor length
  • - Can be installed through the work fixture, eliminating hole spotting
  • - Inspectable torque values, indicating proper installation
  • - Carbon steel and zinc plated -dry applications