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Continental Abrasives Ulticut Cutting and Grinding WheelsAbrasives

Continental Abrasives Ulticut Cutting and Grinding Wheels

The design and manufacture of long-lasting high performance abrasive cutting and grinding wheels requires a combination of engineering excellence and years of practical experience, that is the ULTICUT wheel. It is the unique combination of technical know-how and abrasive cutting experience that Continental Abrasives line of ULTICUT cutting and grinding wheels were developed.


Ulticut’s Shieldtech aluminum oxide grain provides increased life, cooler cutting & grinding and a better finish than the other “high performance” product on the market. The Shieldtech armor increases the overall strength and hardness of the grains making them perfect for both non-ferrous and ferrous metal like stainless steel.


The dependability and high quality offered by Ulticut abrasive wheels is the direct result of Continental’s experience and the demand for perfection in every step of production. During the manufacturing of Ulticut wheels, the abrasive grains are premixed to a specific formula.

Materials are carefully premeasured to exact proportion of mix by weight. Next the wheels are precision molded and pressed before slow curing in ovens at electronically monitored and controlled temperatures.

The final phase of Continental’s quality program goes into action as each wheel is inspected for thickness, flatness and size. Then they are speed tested for strength and balance.


Unlike other pricey “high performance” cutting and grinding solutions available in the marketplace; the Ulticut series of cutting and grinding wheels has been engineered to provide industry leading performance at a fraction of the price. Ulticut achieves this distinction through a proprietary blend of thermosetting resin bonding technology and a unique engineered aluminum oxide grain that leaves the competition in its dust.


Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back! Ulticut cutting and grinding wheels made with our proprietary Shieldtech grains are proven to be High Performance wheels, priced with a competitive advantage. And to prove it, we’ll make you a deal.

Order ten ULTICUT abrasive wheels at your normal usage quantity price. Use five of them and if you are not satisfied, return the remaining five wheels. We will give you full credit on the ten wheels ordered.

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