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A common best practice to make new or existing concrete structures last longer is to periodically apply a concrete sealer. This is especially so for concrete exposed to freeze-thaw cycles. Under these conditions, water may penetrate into concrete pores, freeze, expand, and cause concrete cracking.

These cracks make it easier for corrosives to enter and attack embedded rebar, starting a whole new cycle of expansion, cracking, and concrete deterioration. A silane sealer can help slow this process.

An even more powerful option—with no extra labor required—is to apply a Cortec MCI concrete sealer enhanced with Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors. When applied, MCI water repellents create a hydrophobic later at the concrete surface to prevent intrusion of chlorides and carbonation and protect concrete from the ingress of wind-driven rain.

At the same time, MCI molecules penetrate through the concrete pore structure to form a corrosion inhibiting molecular layer on the surface of embedded metal reinforcement. This dual protection is convenient to achieve by just applying one product. Cortec offers several versions of MCI water repellents that contractors can select based on varying needs for each specific project.

Two-in-One: Water Repellant/Corrosion Inhibitor

MCI-2019 is a 40% silane concrete sealer containing time-proven Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors. This water repellent provided a convenient solution in the repair of university residential halls suffering from corrosion. Normally, the contractor would have applied a standard 40% silane water repellent on the building walls after repairs were made.

With MCI- 2019, the workers were able to reduce moisture ingress and also mitigate rebar corrosion rates by applying just one product. The non-etching feature was another important reason for choosing MCI-2019 in order to avoid damaging newly installed windows on the three residential towers.

MCI-2018 is a 100% silane sealer containing Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors for projects in need of even stronger water repellency. MCI®-2018 has ANSI/NSF Standard 61 certification and is an excellent choice for dual sealing and corrosion protection of large concrete potable water structures.

MCI-2018 and MCI-2019 were tested according to US Bureau of Reclamation M-82 (M0820000.714) Standard Protocol to Evaluate the Performance of Corrosion Mitigation Technologies in Concrete Repairs. The test demonstrated that both were able to mitigate preexisting corrosion in reinforced concrete, independent of chloride levels. This quality makes MCI-2018 and MCI-2019 ideal when performing concrete repairs.

Three-in-One: Water Repellent/Corrosion Inhibitor/Stain Resistant

Parking garages, commercial buildings, and industrial floors exposed to high levels of oils and grease often require stain resistance in addition to water repellency and corrosion protection. An excellent option for these cases is MCI POWR 100.

This silane water repellent contains MCI as well as an oleophobic additive that resists staining caused by motor oils, food, and other oily substances. It does not affect the color, gloss, or visual aesthetics of concrete. Treated surfaces remain fully breathable and maintain their natural moisturevapor transmission.

MCI water repellents are powerful options for enhanced concrete protection with no more labor than required to apply a standard concrete sealer. The next time a contractor or building owner needs to apply a water repellent, consider whether they could also benefit from the convenient two-in-one or three-in-one protection of an MCI sealer.

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