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Coxreels Oversized Hose Reel Rollers

Coxreels is pleased to introduce oversized rollers for manual and motorized hose reels! Coxreels’ rollers for manual and motorized hose reels keep the hose entering the reel protected during unwind and rewind. Guide rollers prevent the hose from jumping over the disk of the reel and are very beneficial when hose is deployed to a direction other than directly forward of the reel.

Coxreels’ newest oversized rollers are ideal for the most rugged applications requiring a more robust roller, as the oversized 1.5” rollers can withstand larger impacts and loading.

Oversized rollers are also especially useful on wider drum reels where the rollers span a larger distance.

The oversized roller accessory is available in open and closed configurations. The closed configurations, called 4-way, have rollers on four sides and capture the hose in the middle, while open configurations, called 3-way, have rollers on three sides and the hose can be lifted out at any time.

These oversized rollers are assembled to heavy duty steel brackets, which are also available separately for customers to mount to cabinet openings or on remote bracket locations. The oversized rollers ride on permanently lubricated bearings and require no maintenance, as the high-grade stainless steel is chemical and corrosion resistant.

For further information on the Coxreels oversized guide rollers and product line, contact Customer Service at (800) 269-7335 or visit