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DAP Tank Bond Adhesives

Today’s tough adhesive repair projects require tactical solutions and a product that blends both strength and precision.

The leader in home improvement and construction projects, DAP, now offers Tank Bond, a complete line of hard-working adhesives ideal for an extensive list of professional and DIY applications.

The Tank Bond family of products from DAP includes Tank Bond Thread Stopper, Tank Bond Liquid Grip, Tank Bond Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy, Tank Bond Clear Epoxy and Tank Bond Thread Locker. Combined these adhesive products are strong enough to tackle repairs ranging from tools, home products and outdoor maintenance to boats, bicycles, automotive, motorcycles and even musical instruments.

“Our heavy-duty line of Tank Bond adhesives are designed to make durable and reliable repairs on all types of equipment big or small,” said Kate Piche, Product Director at DAP. “Whether it’s preventing stripped screws and bonding fasteners to holding screws and bolts in place and bonding metal, this ‘tough-as-a-tank’ military-grade adhesive technology provides tactical solutions for even the most demanding jobs.”

· Tank Bond Thread Stopper Provides an Adjustable, Reusable Solution

Turn any size and type of screw or bolt into a self-stopping, shock-absorbing fastener by applying Tank Bond Thread Stopper. Simply apply to the fastener, let dry and then install. The non-locking formula creates a strong hold without permanently bonding threads, allowing fasteners to be easily removed and replaced with manual tools up to five times. The product coats the threaded bolt or screw with a gel-like coating to help absorb shock and vibration.

Thread Stopper is a multi-material solution that can be used on metal, wood, plastic and more, and won’t damage or crack plastic like a traditional threadlocker. As a non-permanent solution, Thread Stopper is ideal for any type of routine maintenance repair or for a tight hold on components that may need to be accessed or replaced in the future on everything from guitars and drawer pulls to bicycles and motorcycles.

· Tank Bond Liquid Grip Prevents Stripped Screws for Easier Installation or Removal

Some screws just do not want to install or be removed. When your bit first slips, it’s common to respond by adding more force – but this only increases the potential for the screw to strip. Adding just a drop of Liquid Grip to the screw head provides up to seven times more grip, giving it the extra bit of surface traction needed to easily install or remove, while preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your tools.

The Liquid Grip formula works on all fastener types and sizes, and cleans up easily from tools and fasteners when work is done – simply wipe with a paper towel. The product is ideal for heavily used screws on items such as door hardware, kitchen drawers, recreational equipment and even power tools.

· Tank Bond Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy Handles All Your Toughest Repairs

An aggressive adhesive, DAP Tank Bond Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy delivers military-grade adhesive technology, offering superior bond strength and impact resistance. Formulated to be four times tougher than typical epoxies, it’s the ideal solution for repairing items that undergo heavy force or vibrations, such as lawn mowers, bikes, exercise equipment and power tools – and can even be used on minor automotive repairs such as fixing cracked bumpers.

While substrates bonded with brittle epoxies often fail under these conditions, Tank Bond retains its hold even when substrates are bent or warped by force. Beyond its strength, Tank Bond offers an easy-to-use application that requires zero surface preparation and cures in as fast as 30 minutes on most substrates, enabling users to tackle tough repairs quickly – and then move onto the next. Tank Bond works on metal, plastic, tile, ceramic, glass, stone and wood – and is particularly suited for metal bonding.

· Tank Bond Clear Epoxy Provides Fast and Clean-Looking Repairs

Demanding repairs don’t need to be accompanied by unsightly results when you have the right product on hand. Formulated to deliver a stronger-than-super glue bond, DAP Tank Bond Clear Epoxy delivers a high-strength, durable repair that dries clear for a clean-looking repair that will blend smoothly with the original substrate. The multi-material adhesive provides a strong, clear bond on metal, plastic, tile, ceramic, glass, stone and wood for a super-versatile repair solution.

Tank Bond Clear Epoxy also offers gap filling capabilities and forms a water-resistant bond perfect for both interior and exterior repairs. Plus, the fast-setting formula reaches handling strength in as fast as five minutes so you can be sure the repair has set up right and will cure properly.

· Tank Bond Gel Threadlockers Available in Removable or Permanent Formulas

Repeated vibrations and frequent usage can cause even tightly secured screws to come loose over time. DAP Tank Bond Gel Threadlockers offer the strength needed to withstand constant force and avoid the mess of typical drippy threadlockers thanks to a gel-like formula that won’t drip or run, and is idea for vertical applications.

Available in two formulas, Removable and Permanent, these easy-to-use thread coating ensures screws stay securely in place with reinforced strength. The product will fix rapidly in 10 minutes and is fully cured within 24 hours for a strong, secure bond. Any excess adhesive is easily wiped away with a paper towel. Permanent Threadlocker is ideal for fasteners up to 1” in diameter, while Removable Threadlocker is suited for fasteners ¼” to ¾” in diameter for metal-on-metal application.

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