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DR Power BurnCage

The BurnCage is specially engineered to overcome all the problems associated with burning in a barrel. The perforated, stainless steel design maximizes airflow so fires light quickly, and burn far hotter and more thoroughly. Burn temperatures as high as 1600° F mean less residue and fewer ashes. Includes a perforated debris lid (with handle) that contains all the burning embers.

The optional ash catcher base makes cleanup easy. And the stainless steel won't rust and become an eyesore on your property. It even collapses and folds up for easy storage—hanging on a hook or leaning against a wall.

If you've used a 55-gallon drum, you know the problems:

  • Poor circulation won't allow debris to burn completely
  • Hazardous flying embers from open drums
  • Those burn barrels are cumbersome to move
  • Barrels rust and become real eyesores

With the BurnCage you'll burn faster, safer and more thoroughly than ever before.