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Docs Industries HPH J Hook Cable Support SystemCable Installation

Doc’s Industries HPH J Hook Cable Support System

Doc’s Industries Inc. has been manufacturing low cost UL listed metal J Hooks for network cable support since 2003. Network cable technology is constantly evolving. Doc's thinks J Hook technology should evolve with it.

Doc’s is proud to announce the release of its new UL-listed “HPH” J Hook system, a culmination of two years of research, development and certification.

HPH J Hooks are unique in that they are a hybrid of both metal and plastic. The metal portion of the hook provides strength while the plastic portion provides a sturdy wide base with a slick surface. This makes them both strong and light weight.

One of the best features of this new hook is the built-in “snap-lock” retainer which can be easily opened and closed multiple times. This is more efficient than clumsy retainer wires, cable ties or Velcro straps that need to be assembled to traditional metal hooks.

High performance data cable, including Cat 6A, Cat7 and fiber optic cable all require specific support geometry to perform at optimum levels. Doc's designed the new HPH J Hooks with this in mind. The wide base plastic portion has rounded edges which provide the optimal bend radius needed for high performance cable.

These new J Hooks offer a professional look and feel. Their simple clean lines provide a great look, especially in exposed ceilings. This is a visible aesthetic improvement over hooks that look like they might have been assembled out of scrap material on the job site.

They are cULus listed, RoHS compliant, UV resistant and are certified suitable for use in plenum and air handling spaces.

HPH hooks are a major improvement over the competition; yet in most cases they are priced lower than most of the industry leading metal hooks. HPH J Hooks are offered in four standard sizes, 1” (HPH16), 2” (HPH32), 3” (HPH48) and 4” (HPH64). They are sold pre-assembled to most commonly available fasteners such as bat wings, angle clips and beam clamps. Patent pending.