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Fairbanks Scales FB4000 Desktop ScaleLevels & Measurement

Fairbanks Scales FB4000 Desktop Scale

Fairbanks Scales Inc., announces the new FB4000 desktop scale instrument, available in a NEMA 12 desktop enclosure and a NEMA4X stainless steel wash down enclosure.

Each FB4000 features a highway system application, enhanced inbound/outbound application, and the kernel application. Users select and configure the desired application during initial FB4000 setup.

At the heart of the FB4000 is a single board computer (SBC) running a Windows operating system. This adds flexibility for adding accessories and peripheral devices that can be easily connected to the FB4000. Featuring a wide variety of output and interface ports, the SBC can connect to Ethernet, RS-232, USB 2.0, and HDMI ports.

The 10.4-inch graphics display on the FB4000 enables extremely easy to use scale operation. The integrated touch screen makes daily operation very easy and fast. The FB4000 can operate up to eight scales, managed in groups of four. Ethernet connectivity makes connecting a scale instrument to customers’ existing Ethernet networks easier than ever.

An optional wireless Ethernet accessory offers simple plug and play configuration to the customer’s existing wireless Ethernet network. Directly interface up to two IP cameras to the FB4000 applications and capture, store and print on-screen images.

The FB4000 offers a high-speed mode when connected to standard Smart Sectional Controllers (SSCs) using Intalogix technology. This allows individual load cell information to be processed at higher speeds than typical truck scale applications. Also featured are unsurpassed diagnostics capability, expanded load cell diagnostics, load cell diagnostic flags, and optional email notification for error conditions. The flexible FB4000 can be attached to either a network printer or to a PC network for sharing data.

Available accessories for the FB4000 include Intalogix or analog scale Interfaces, a relay interface card, PLC interfaces, and a serial expansion card. Also available are passive and active 4-20 mA cards and an accessory expansion card.

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