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FastenMaster Deck Frame Coating

FastenMaster, a division of OMG Inc., has introduced its Deck Frame Coating, a water-based sealant that helps to extend the life of decks by creating a lasting moisture barrier.

The new coating is designed to be rolled or painted onto the top of deck joists, ledger boards, stair stringers, posts, beams, and other framing components, and serves to deter wood rot and decay. After application it’s workable in 20 minutes, so it won’t slow down decking PROs during installation.

Once dry, the coating creates a durable seal around deck fasteners. In addition, it is highly effective for use in corners and other hard-to-reach places where joist tapes have difficulty providing full coverage.

“When it comes to decking, PROs look to FastenMaster for state-of-the-art products that enhance jobsite productivity,” said John McMahon, Decking Business Unit Director for FastenMaster. “This new Deck Frame Coating gets them working faster and with more productivity compared to joist tape, which is very expensive and labor intensive to install.”

FastenMaster Deck Frame Coating is available in 1-gallon (3.7 L) buckets, which covers up to 450 linear feet (137.2 m) of 2x framing. FastenMaster Deck Frame Coating is water-based, does not contain any VOCs or solvents, and is non-flammable.

Established in 1981, FastenMaster is a brand of fastening solutions for professional contractors. Its products are engineered for structural, decking, and trim applications in residential construction, and its product line includes the LOK Line of structural wood screws, Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Clip System, TrussBRACE roof truss support system, as well as Cortex Hidden Fastening Systems for deck and trim applications.

For additional information please contact FastenMaster at 800.518.3569 or visit