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Stationary Tools: Fein Slugger GI Belt Grinding Machines

FEIN Power Tools' Slugger GI series of belt grinding machines provide users with a versatile grinding system for industrial applications. The system can be used for a single purpose such as cylindrical grinding then as needs change, for notching or polishing.

The series consists of the Slugger GIR radius grinding machine, the Slugger GIC cylindrical grinding machine, the Slugger GXW coolant module and the Slugger GIL flat grinding module.

The heavy-duty belt grinding machines, the basis of the modular Slugger GI series are available in one or two speeds in 3" and 6" width versions and as stand-alone units.

Slugger GIR radius grinding machines are designed for processing thick and thin wall material with tasks such as notching or coping of pipes, square tubes, flat materials and profiles. Workpiece changes are fast and uncomplicated thanks to a rapid clamping vise system. Stainless
steel electrolysis is avoided by using the stainless steel vise jaws. An optional miter plate ensures perfect fits, a Slugger unique offering.

Slugger GIC cylindrical grinding modules are designed for maximum loading and centerless grinding capability ensuring reliable operation even in continuous manufacturing use. Connection to the GI belt grinding module is simple and fast. It has a quick-release attachment for easy tool changes and a continuous, three-phase motor for uninterrupted service. Variable pipe diameters and lengths up to 20 feet can be processed using the optional pipe guide.

Utilizing wet grinding gives the best results and the Slugger GXW coolant module provides a dust-free environment while significantly reducing processing temperatures, helping avoid stainless steel corrosion. An optional water jet system clears grinding dust and excess water from the workpiece.

The Slugger GILS flat grinder comes pre-assembled with base belt grinder and module. Used for machine and railing construction and welded fabrication, it is the only longitudinal machine available today with automatic feed. It is fast and efficiently delivers perfect surfaces on all metals including non-ferrous and stainless steel square tube sections or flat materials.

A wide variety of stands and accessories are available for the Slugger GI series of grinders to help meet all grinding needs.

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