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Measurement: General Tools Wet/Dry Video Inspection Systems

General Tools' DCS600A: Wet/Dry Video Inspection System with 8mm Diameter ProbeThe new family of Wet/Dry Video Inspection Systems from General Tools & Instruments give plumbers, contractors and DIYers an industry-first: borescopes that are entirely leak-proof. Other so-called waterproof scopes on the market lack watertight grips and monitors. The probes, grips and monitors of General’s new wet/dry scopes are all guaranteed leak-proof to a depth of 1m (IP67 standard). All three components also will resist leaks at depths up to 2m for short periods of time.

Like all video inspections systems, these models allow for the visual inspection of inaccessible or hazardous areas in order to identify and diagnose hidden problems without disassembly or teardown.

Available in non-recording and recording models, General’s new wet/dry scopes enable inspections underwater and where running water is present, making them ideal for plumbing tasks—such as examining toilets, broken water lines and sewer pipes—not to mention flooded basements and undersides of boats.

The scopes work equally well in dry conditions and can tackle typical HVACR inspections like detecting leaks and cracks in ducts and piping, checking for corrosion and deposit buildup, and reading hidden part and serial numbers. And gone is the worry about accidentally dropping the unit in water.

General’s new family of Wet/Dry Video Inspection Systems include:
• DCS600A: Wet/Dry Video Inspection System with 8mm Diameter Probe
• DCS605: Wet/Dry Video Inspection System with 5.5mm Diameter Probe
• DCS660A: Wet/Dry Recording Video Inspection System with 8mm Diameter Probe
• DCS665: Wet/Dry Recording Video Inspection System with 5.5mm Diameter Probe

Each of the above systems includes a 1m long, camera-tipped, VGA resolution (i.e., 640 x 480 pixels) flexible-obedient probe with 4 adjustable LEDs. And those probes are all interchangeable. Three other optional interchangeable probes are compatible with all of the systems in the family: An 8mm diameter probe in lengths of 3 or 5 meters, and a 10mm diameter, 20m long pipe inspection probe and reel set.

Each of the new Wet/Dry Video Inspection Systems features a 3.5 in. color LCD monitor and the ability to flip a still image or video 180 degrees, or zoom up to 4X. The DCS660A and DCS665 can record time- and date-stamped VGA-resolution inspection video clips and photos on the included memory card.

This recording capability makes it possible to document—with high-quality images and video—what the probe sees. The images and clips can then be viewed directly on the system monitor, or on a computer monitor via USB cable connection or by downloading content from the memory card.

Also included with each scope are: USB and A/V cables, three probe-tip accessories (45-degree mirror, pickup hook and magnetic pickup) and a custom hard plastic carrying case.

To learn more about General and its products, visit or call Customer Support at 1-800-697-8665.