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Hillman Power Pro Concrete Anchor ScrewsAnchors

Hillman Power Pro Concrete Anchor Screws 

The Hillman Companies, Inc. (HLMN) announced today its latest addition to the Power Pro family, Concrete Anchors. Designed for light and medium-duty concrete, block, and brick applications, these durable, corrosion resistant anchors are ICC-ES Code Compliant and are available in three colors, blue, white, and black in various lengths and 3/16”, 1/4”, and 5/16” diameters.

Unlike traditional anchors, the Power Pro Concrete Anchors feature a fully threaded tip to enable quick penetration into wood and other materials. The wide serrated threads and mid-crossband threads offer a cleaner and faster cut while providing superior pullout and shear load strength.

Available in hex washer head and flat head with star drive. Hex heads are ideal for applications that require additional holding power and faster drive times such as securing metal to concrete. Flat heads offer a cleaner look as they countersink to remain flush with the surface and the star drive offers additional contact points to reduce the chance of stripping. The flat head also incorporates under head micro nibs that clear out debris so that the fastener seats more securely.

“We set out to design a fastener that addressed the most common shortcomings while offering a wider variety of choices that enables users to customize the look of the project without sacrificing quality,” said Tim Ferguson, vice president of development, Hardware Solutions division of Hillman Solutions.

Power Pro Concrete is engineered to have greater longevity, eliminate Philips-drive cam-outs, withstand the elements and it’s available in additional colors for a wider variety of projects.

Available in a wide variety of packaging choices for DIYers and Pros alike:

  • FasPak – small quantities and available in blue
  • XLPak – mid-range quantities and available in blue, white, and black
  • NEW Plastic Tub – 225 screws, 3 drill bits and a hex driver or star bit are included
  • CPak – 100-pieces that include a drill bit and available in blue, white, black, and 410 stainless steel

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