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Husqvarna Elite-Chain and Elite-Guide Chain Saw BarConcrete Equipment

Husqvarna Elite-Chain and Elite-Guide Chain Saw Bar

When contractors are making deep precision cuts in reinforced concrete structures, a handheld concrete chainsaw makes the day easier. To help aid the contractor, Husqvarna launches a new product concept for diamond chains and guide bar, designed to match the high performance of Husqvarna concrete chainsaws.

In many concrete cutting jobs, precision is as equally important as cutting speed. For example, cutting square openings, pipe cutting, plunge cutting, or finishing corners where over-cutting must be avoided. This new range of diamond chains and guide bar from Husqvarna is the optimal choice for doing these kind of jobs.

“We have developed the new chain and bar concept to make it easy for our customers to choose the optimal combo of cutting equipment for their machine and application” says Stefan Ekblad, Product Manager, Construction Diamond Tools at Husqvarna.

Launched in specialty and all-around versions.

The new Husqvarna range of diamond chains is launched in several variants optimized for different materials and applications. The specialized chains under the Gold Level category consists of the ELITE-CHAIN C 20, ELITE-CHAIN C45 and ELITE-CHAIN C 70. The all-around applications are covered with the VARI-CHAIN C 45, under the Silver Level category.

The color-coded segments make it easy to identify the different variants. All chains are built on the same durable chassis with sealed links for minimal chain stretch.

Cutting deeper than ever.

A key part in the new concept is the 18" ELITE-GUIDE BAR, producing a handy 18 in (450 mm) cutting depth. In fact, that’s the deepest cut ever produced by a handheld Husqvarna concrete chainsaw. In comparison,

you’d need a wall saw with a 39 in (1000 mm) diameter blade to cut as deep.