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IDEAL SignalTEK NT Network Transmission TesterCable Installation

IDEAL SignalTEK NT Network Transmission Tester

IDEAL Networks announces the next generation of its industry-standard SignalTEK copper and fiber network transmission tester: the new SignalTEK NT.

Key features:

  • Gigabit performance testing on passive cabling and active networks
  • Generates PDF test reports to IEEE 802.3ab standard
  • Simulates VoIP/CCTV/Web/IP video network traffic
  • Tests connection speed, port ID, ping, traceroute, IPv4/IPv6
  • Supports IDEAL AnyWARE App

Mobile Testing Solution
SignalTEK NT is completely mobile. New functionality incorporated allows it to automatically generate reports in PDF or CSV format that can be fully customized with company and operator details. Once the report is complete, the field technician can activate SignalTEK NT's built-in wireless hotspot to transfer reports to their mobile devices with the IDEAL AnyWARE app.

These reports can then be sent to clients and project managers by email, ftp or cloud storage, resulting in greater collaboration and visibility, more on-time job completions, reduced costs, and exceeded customer expectations. Tests reports can also be downloaded onto a USB memory key.

"The SignalTEK NT rebuilds previous SignalTEK versions from the ground up, laying a strong foundation for future enhancements," said Dan Payerle, Business Unit Manager for IDEAL Networks. "It 'proves performance' that copper and fiber networks provide error-free performance up to Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates, making it the ultimate tester for technicians installing, maintaining or troubleshooting passive cabling and active Ethernet networks where system warranties are not required."

Simulates Actual Services
Unlike conventional testers the SignalTEK NT sends real Ethernet data frames through the cabling and to network devices to compare the error rate against the IEEE802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet standard, ensuring a clear standards-based Pass/Fail of the link being tested. By providing greater agility in support of unique network scenarios -- simulating actual VoIP, CCTV, web traffic, or IP video services -- it lets technicians comprehensively test and document that networks will provide flawless data transmission of that application.

This testing capability is especially useful prior to adding new IP devices as it ensures that the network has enough capacity without degrading existing performance or requiring expensive upgrading. As an example, a technician adding IP cameras for video surveillance onto the network can simulate the number of cameras, resolution and compression time.

In addition, the SignalTEK NT uses Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to help locate common wiring faults that cause network slow transmission speeds and downtime, such as open and short circuits. It also has a number of number of time-saving functions to verify device, network and Internet connectivity including port speed and duplex status, PoE/PoE+ availability, Port ID with LLDP and Cisco discovery protocol, network configurations, and tone generation for cable tracing.

Low Cost-of-Ownership, Ease of Use
The SignalTEK NT offers an outstanding value proposition. It requires no calibration, while replaceable RJ45 contacts reduce the cost of ownership. To simply use, no configuration is needed since the two handsets automatically pair ready for testing -- just select a usage scenario to simulate the appropriate service. Either handset can be used to start testing, eliminating the need for two technicians to be on-site.