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Klein Tools INCVT-3 Non-Contact Voltage Tester with FlashlightLevels & Measurement

Measurement: Klein Tools INCVT-3 Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight

Klein Tools expands its “Tough Meter” Test & Measurement product line with the durable NCVT-3 Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight. It identifies AC voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, outlets, wires, doorbells, thermostats, low voltage lighting systems, irrigation systems, etc.

The rugged NCVT-3 non-contact voltage tester detects the full range of 12 – 1000V AC to accommodate both low and standard voltage environments.

An integrated flashlight works independent of the tester and is practical enough to use as a standalone tool. By incorporating Klein’s “tough meter” standards of dustproof, waterproof, CAT IV 1000V safety rating and drop protection of up to 6.6 ft. (2m), this tool is suitable for any jobsite.

NCVT-3highresNon-Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight (Cat. No. NCVT-3) product features:

  • Detects 12 – 1000V AC to cover both low and standard voltage
  • Simultaneous visual and audible voltage indicators
  • Bright flashlight can be used independent of voltage detection function
  • Visual voltage indicator utilizes five vibrant LEDs for easy interpretation and viewing of voltage strength
  • Audible voltage indicator beeps at a greater frequency the higher the voltage or the closer it gets to the voltage source
  • “Auto Power-Off” conserves and extends battery life
  • Screw-thread battery cap with o-ring ensures dustproof and waterproof ingress protection
  • Pocket clip provides easy storage and quick access
  • IP67: Dustproof and waterproof
  • Drop Protection: 6.6 ft. (2 m)
  • Safety Rating: CAT IV 1000V

“Klein is constantly researching and identifying ways to make products more functional and durable,” states Sean O’Flaherty, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “We created a non-contact voltage tester that detects a wide range of AC voltage relevant for many practical applications, provides both visual and audible alerts for various job situations, includes a powerful, independent flashlight and is engineered to withstand the rigors of a job -- all in a single tool.”