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Klein Tools J63225N High-Leverage Cable CutterHand Tools

Klein Tools J63225N High-Leverage Cable Cutter

Klein Tools (, for professionals since 1857, introduces the High-Leverage Cable Cutter featuring cable-gripping shear-type jaws, an integrated stripping hole and a high-leverage design to provide exceptional cutting capability.

Journeyman High-Leverage Cable Cutter with Stripping (Cat. No. J63225N)

  • Cuts 4/0 aluminum, 2/0 soft copper, 100-pair 24 AWG communications cable
  • Integrated stripping hole strips 1/0 and 2/0 cable
  • State-of-the-art, dual material JourneymanTM handles provide a better grip
  • High-leverage design for exceptional cutting capability
  • Precision, one-hand shearing action
  • Cable-gripping shear-type jaws
  • Perfect for working in confined spaces
  • Through-hardened (not case-hardened) for longer-lasting cutting surfaces
  • Hot-riveted join ensures smooth action and no handle wobble
  • Custom, US-made tool steel for maximum durability
  • Do not use to cut steel or ACSR

“Klein Tools’ team engineered the new High-Leverage Cable Cutter to require 30% less force to cut aluminum, copper and communications cable as compared to previous Klein Tools’ models,” says Jeff Meek, director of product management at Klein Tools. “The integrated stripping hole strips 1/0 and 2/0 cable making it easier for trade professionals to get the job done with less tools.”

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