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KnuckleHeads Rooftop Supports

Innovative, light-weight KnuckleHeads provide rooftop support for HVAC equipment, pipes, and conduit and offer many advantages over traditional wood sleepers.

KnuckleHeads are molded from reinforced nylon, feature a round base so that weight is more evenly distributed and are virtually unaffected by weather and seasonal cycles. and biological attack Each KnuckleHead unit can support up to 600 pounds and can be adjusted for height.

And while units are typically loose laid, they can be bonded, mechanically fastened – or both– to the roof when additional stability is needed due to high winds or seismic conditions, a feature wooden sleepers simply can’t match.

Additionally, custom engineered accessories are available that can enhance the installation including the ability to increase heights of the individual KnuckleHeads by using extensions that fit snugly into the base.

Flexible polyurethane slip pads under the base can be added to protect the roof membrane and prevent the unit from sliding and caps and straps can be used to secure pipes and struts in the heads.

KnuckleHeads are also environmentally safe and will likely outlast the life of the roof itself. They do not contain chemicals that can leach out from weathering or repeated exposure to water which can be a concern with treated lumber used in wooden sleepers.

So, if you are tired of replacing wooden sleepers that deteriorate over time attracting fungus, mold and even termites, cause pipe sag effecting the operation of roof-mounted equipment and which often leads to tears and leaks in roof membranes– it’s time to look a new solution – no more sleepers on the job – use KnuckleHeads instead.