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Kreg Clamps with Automaxx Auto-Adjust TechnologyHand Tools

Kreg Clamps with Automaxx Auto-Adjust Technology

From Kreg Joinery to project assembly, workpiece holding, benchtop clamping, and beyond, Kreg Clamps make all kinds of project-building tasks easier, Now Kreg is updating its clamps to make them easier to use than ever—thanks to a new, improved version of Kreg's popular and proven Automaxx Auto-Adjust Technology.

New Kreg Clamps with Automaxx offer many great benefits making these clamps incredibly easy to use including:

  • Larger contoured grips fit hands comfortably
  • Thumbscrew provides one-handed pressure adjustment
  • 30% shorter handle opening makes the clamps easier to grip and close for all hand sizes
  • Reduced input force makes the clamps easier to close
  • 50% improvement in pressure consistency offers predictable clamping performance
  • Attractive appearance brings consistency across the Kreg Clamp line

Kreg is even making Automaxx Auto-Adjust Technology a standard feature on its Right Angle Clamp, making this popular clamp easier to use than ever before.

With the improved Automaxx Auto-Adjust Technology, Kreg makes it possible to equip an entire shop with the capability of Kreg Clamps and the convenience of automatic adjustment. 

KregClamps, Clamp Systems, and Clamp Tables are available in multiple styles and sizes to offer a wide variety of clamping solutions. From Kreg Joinery to project assembly, general clamping, benchtop hold-down use, and more, Kreg offers a clamping solution to suit almost any wood-project need.