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Lawson Products Fastt-Grind Ceramic Grinding DiscsAbrasives

Lawson Products Fastt-Grind Ceramic Grinding Discs

Lawson Products adds Fastt-Grind Ceramic Grinding Discs to its product offering, helping maintenance techs save time and reduce operator fatigue. This is part of an extensive line of finishing products to help technicians take their jobs from start to finish.

Fastt-Grind Ceramic Discs Combine the High Material Removal of a Grinding Wheel and Rapid Cut Rate of a Resin Fiber Disc

  • Specially designed for use on high-speed, right-angle grinders
  • No back-up pad needed
  • Performance: Premium Ceramic Grain - provides a cooler cut for a longer lasting disc; 50 Grit – less emphasis on aggression with refined surface finish; 36 Grit – best combination of stock
  • removal and surface finish
  • Applications: Works well on stainless steel & carbon steel, weld bead removal, chamfering and beveling, flame-cut steel removal, edge grinding and deburring
  • Cuts time to complete jobs by up to 50%
  • 70% lighter than traditional grinding wheels reducing vibration and operator fatigue
  • Designed for ease of use with no back-up pad required
  • Thinner than traditional grinding wheel