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Makita SK103PZ Combination Cross-Line/Point LaserLasers

Makita SK103PZ Combination Cross-Line/Point Laser

The Makita Self-Leveling Combination Cross-Line/Point Laser (SK103PZ) gives contractors one instrument for all laser needs within a 50’ distance range requirement. It provides all possible reference lines required in leveling, aligning, plumbing, and squaring.

The Combination Cross-Line & Point Laser capability eliminates the need to invest in various multi-directional laser types that would otherwise have to be purchased and handled separately.

The laser line fan length spans well past the 90 degree point position to provide a 180 degree horizontal line and 120 vertical line for full reference line coverage.

The SK103PZ has a line and point accuracy of +/- 1/8” error rate at 30'. It also has key durability features including rubber over-molding, laser glass inset, and a pendulum lock to protect the laser diode during storage, and allows for sloped applications.