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Malco Products Eagle Grip Locking ToolsHand Tools

Malco Products Eagle Grip Locking Tools

New line of professional grade tools delivers stronger and more reliable performance, backed by Malco’s 72-year commitment to quality.

Malco Products, SBC, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of high-quality American-made hand tools, today announced the launch of Eagle Grip, its newest line of professional-grade locking tools. Eagle Grip Locking Tools are the first full line manufactured at Malco’s plant in DeWitt, Nebraska, the original birthplace of the locking pliers.

Forged from premium American steel, Eagle Grip tools deliver stronger and more reliable performance on the job and are backed by Malco’s 72-year heritage of innovation, quality and dependability.

Eagle Grip is the strongest locking pliers* in the world and 100% made in the USA. Malco tools are designed and built to meet the rigorous demands of professional users, and in Malco’s in-house testing, Eagle Grip tools outperformed the competition on every measure.

The first 6 products in the Eagle Grip line include locking pliers and clamps for use in sheet metal, automotive, welding and agriculture applications:

• Locking Pliers:
7” & 10” Straight Jaw Locking Pliers
7” & 10” Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter

• Clamps:
11” Locking C-Clamps
11” Locking C-Clamps with Swivel Pads

“Since 1950, Malco has built its reputation on manufacturing the highest quality tools for trade professionals,” said Rich Benninghoff, president and CEO of Malco Products. “Our end-users have high expectations when it comes to the tools they use, and Malco takes great pride in exceeding those expectations to provide best-in-class performance. The introduction of our new Eagle Grip line of locking tools is an excellent example of our dedication to craftsmanship and building American-made tools you can count on.”

“Just like with all of Malco’s products, we did not cut any corners on the design and construction of the Eagle Grip line,” Benninghoff added. “We use a better grade of steel, premium heat treat process and rigorous testing to ensure that Eagle Grip tools are the strongest, toughest locking handle tools on the market. We hope end-users are just as proud to add Eagle Grip to their toolbox as we are to be introducing it.”

Eagle Grip tools are now available for purchase online through the Eagle Grip website and Malco’s distribution partners. For more information about Eagle Grip, visit