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Other Products: Mesh-Up Remesh Support Chairs

The durable plastic Mesh-Up "chair" is an ideal support solution for maintaining the integrity of remesh or cable during concrete pours. The flexible seat attaches firmly to cables and remesh where they intersect - without the need for ties - providing an effective, secure attachment point that won't shift during the stress of concrete pouring.

When concrete is poured, the Mesh-Up initially flexes into a semi-collapsed form like a plastic spring as it bears the weight of the wet cement (see photo at right). The support seat then gradually restores to its original form, lifting the wire remesh back to its approximate position, despite being subjected to the heavy loads of wet concrete.

Reliable, sturdy and quick to deploy, the Mesh-Up is a cost-savings, wire remesh and cable support solution for the concrete and construction industries. Whether run over by a tractor or buried by tons of concrete, the flexible molded plastic Mesh-Up re-establishes its original form to keep cables and wire mesh ideally positioned during heavy concrete pours, ensuring consistent, long term, high-quality work.

Features and Benefits of the Mesh-Up:

  • Snaps easily and firmly to remesh where the wires intersect; preventing the Mesh-Up from rotating, shifting or becoming displaced.
  • Lifts the mesh, cable and/or wire off the ground, keeping the mesh supported above the membrane before and during concrete pouring.
  • Unlike rigid support systems, the Mesh-Up “flexes” or collapses during concrete pours before gradually restoring to its original shape. This reduces the stress placed on the wire mesh and helps prevent it from bending or being damaged, virtually eliminating sharp ends of wire mesh from puncturing the membrane to ensure consistent, top-quality concrete work.
  • The large base ring of the Mesh-Up provides maximum resistance to being depressed into soft sub-surfaces, allowing Mesh-Ups to be effectively used on sand or soft fills.
  • Decreases costs by reducing the demand for supervision and eliminating the need for a “hook man”.

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