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Metabo introduces 10.0 Ah LiHD BatteryPortable Electric Tools

Metabo introduces 10.0 Ah LiHD Battery

Metabo Corporation, a leading German international manufacturer of professional-grade cordless and corded hand-held power tools and accessories in the US, introduces their new 10.0 Ah Lithium High Density (LiHD) Technology Battery.

“Metabo is taking the next step forward in battery technology and is launching the world’s most compact 18V battery pack with 10.0 Ah using the latest in High Density lithium-ion cell technology. End-users will benefit from 25% more runtime vs. Metabo’s long-lasting 2-rowed packs available today (8.0 Ah). Compared to competitors 3-row battery pack, end-users will also benefit from a 20% more compact battery pack."

"The new 10.0 Ah battery pack is Metabo’s longest running battery pack, for example, in production fastening or drilling. The user is always informed about the remaining capacity with the front facing capacity display,” said Terry Tuerk, Metabo’s Senior Product Manager.

All Metabo 18V batteries are fully compatible with Metabo’s past (2009-2020), present, and future 18V Ultra-M systems. Metabo Ultra-M technology makes this possible; the batteries smart technology allows for optimum compatibility, communication between the tools, batteries and chargers. This ongoing communication ensures that each battery cell is evenly charged and discharged every time, protected from over-discharging and temperature extremes, dramatically extending the battery pack's life.

Productivity is also significantly increased as a hot discharged battery can be placed in the
charger immediately after disconnecting from the tool. The charger’s built-in air-cooled system
quickly cools the battery pack as it begins the charging cycle, reducing overall charging time. The result is a battery that will effectively survive more charge/discharge cycles than other battery systems.

Metabo continues to set the bar for industry standards in battery technology through new innovations, offering over 90 cordless tool solutions.

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