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PREBENA TWINMAX 410 and 510 compressorsCompressors

Compressors: PREBENA TWINMAX 410 and 510 compressors

German pneumatic nailer, compressor and fastener manufacturer PREBENA Wilfried Bornemann GmbH & Co. KG expands its compressor program with two new V-belt drive compressors, the TWINMAX 410 and TWINMAX 510.

The expansion and well-tried quality offer customers an even better concerted range of products and a cost-effective alternative.

The two compact PREBENA piston compressors TWINMAX 410 and TWINMAX 510 are very well suited for mobile use and feature an extremly good start-up behavior. Their effective high air delivery confronts a low wearing.

The new PREBENA TWINMAX-compressors are equipped as standard with a twin compactor and secured by a motor protection switch, pressure reducer with gauge and coupling, safety relief valve and a quality pressure switch with pressure relief valve.

Their clearly and user-friendly operator control panel with a gauge for tank pressure and pressure exit guarantees an easy handling of the new PREBENA compressors. A big fan impeller provides optimal cooling. Moreover the TWINMAX 510 is equipped with a 400V electrical plug with phase selector.

Control of oil level is possible through an oil sight glass and tankdrying through ball valve. A rubber grip handle, anti-vibration rubber feet, solid rubber tires, low vibration and an integrated anti-vibration device ensure comfortable working.

The TWINMAX 410 has a 230V, 2,200-watt , 3-hp motor that runs at 1,420 rpm. it has an 11-gallon tank and a maximum pressure of 145 psi.

The TWINMAX 510 has a 400V, three-phase, 3,000-watt motor that runs at 1635 rpm. It has an 11-gallon tank and runs at up to 130 psi.