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Prime Wire & Cable Extension Cord with SL3 Slim Triple TapCords, Cables & Lights

Prime Wire & Cable Extension Cord with SL3 Slim Triple Tap 

Prime Wire & Cable Inc. a world leader in the manufacturing of extension cords is pleased to announce the development of a new patent pending slim triple-tap (SL3™) cord.

The heavy duty 12/3 SJTW contractor quality cord has three outlets in a very slim and compact design built into a lighted PRIMELOK® locking plug end connector. The three-outlet slim triple-tap brings power to three tools from one compact cord design.

Prime Wire & Cable’s Product Manager, Matthew Wright says, “The unparalleled flexibility of the slim design of this exclusive, patent pending rugged SL3™ connector helps prevent this cord from getting caught on ladders or door jams or other typical obstructions on a job site.

"It has the convenience of bringing power to three tools at once, but with a slim, low profile connector design that feels more like a standard single outlet cord than the typical large block or fan style 3-outlet connector.”

“For an added benefit, our PRIMELOK® locking connector keeps your power tools securely connected to the primary outlet,” said Wright.

The slim triple-tap, SL3™ connector also includes a Primelight® Indicator Light to show when power is on. Ideal for harsh working environments, the cord stays flexible in temperatures from -40°F up to +140°F, is water resistant and flame retardant. Its flexible but durable design makes it easy to coil.

Wright adds, “Whether you’re using a high amp power saw or charging your job site tools, it’s the only cord you’ll need.”

The SL3™ cord was developed with easy to grab plugs and strain reliefs, which help prevent wire from separating from the plugs, it also includes nickel coated brass blades to resist corrosion and arcing. For harsh weather environments, the cord’s SL3 connector features molded plastic covers to protect the unused outlets and is certified to UL standards for outdoor use. Two convenient loops near the outlet allow the cord to be hung from a hook for storage or off the ground on a job site.

The SL3™ cord is available in a variety of sizes — 100, 50 and 2 feet.

About Prime Wire & Cable Inc.

Prime Wire & Cable Inc. was founded in 1985 and established its presence in the USA Industrial and Home Improvement market channels with vertically integrated extension cord & electrical accessories design, manufacturing and distribution in Southern California. In 2006 YFC BonEagle International, a manufacturer of structured cabling and OEM power supply cords purchased Prime, combining the best of Prime’s innovative designs, marketing and sales with YFC’s precision manufacturing capabilities to form an ever-expanding industry leader in Structured Cable, Extension Cords and Electrical Accessories.

Our innovative designs include, Primelight®, Primelok® and SnugPlug® with rugged job site brands like, Bulldog Tough®, Glacier Flex® and Neon Flex® products. We have also grown our presence in the structured cable arena with premium grade ethernet cables, patch panels & cables and fiber optic cables and accessories. With best-in-class data center cabinets, our solutions help customers around the globe with networking and building robust internet solutions.

As a strategic outgrowth of our data cabinets, we now provide modular data centers which are designed for the rapid development of 5G networks and complete edge data storage solutions. With a variety of modular data centers, we can rapidly deploy a solution for virtually any Enterprise and edge/5G network applications.

Prime is a wholly owned subsidiary of YFC-BonEagle, a publicly traded company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Prime & YFC have manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, The Philippines, Vietnam, Ecuador and China as well as Sales & Service offices in Europe, Asia & North America. With offices in Diamond Bar, CA, Mooresville, NC, and Houston, multiple distribution facilities in Southern California along with regional industrial distribution warehouses in the USA and Canada. Prime has positioned itself as both a product and service leader in the electrical and data communications cable markets as well as a key manufacturer of modular data centers.