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Quick Fitting ProBite+ Slip Repair Couplings

Quick Fitting, a leading manufacturer of quick connection technology for plumbing, electrical, industrial, municipal, and OEM applications, announces ProBite+ Slip Repair Couplings, the fastest and easiest way to permanently and reliably fix pipe leaks and breaks. Suitable for copper, PEX and CPVC tubing, the ProBite+ Slip Repair Couplings are essential supplies that every plumber should store in their truck and every cautious homeowner should have available, especially as the winter months approach.

For most repairs, only a single Slip Repair Coupling is needed, compared to the two sweat copper fittings that are traditionally used. There is no need to find and prepare a length of a specific pipe type to go in between. Slip repair couplings are also more forgiving because you don’t need to have the cut distance exactly right.

Removable, reusable, and repositionable, ProBite+ is a superior choice to other pipe connections, as it is guaranteed to make a perfect connection every time. The ProBite+ installs wet or dry, unlike many other connections and seals. This simplifies installation in applications that are often wet or in tight or flammable spaces. With ProBite+, users can connect quickly and move on without the pipe being completely dry and without having to call a firewatch.

With its push-to-connect fitting, installation is easy and requires fewer steps than other connection types. What’s more, without any soldering, gluing, or crimping required, safety is greater, risks lowered, and installation made faster, all of which provide economic benefits to end users. With no open flames, no chemical exposure, and reduced risk of tool accidents or errors, pipe connection projects are safer and easier with ProBite+. The connection’s lead-free design also improves health and safety.

Quick Fitting produces professional-grade quick connection technology and products. ProBite+ is available with a special professional contractor 75-year warranty program that covers repairs in the event of a leak. For more information about the ProBite+, visit