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RIDGID Model 286 Soil Pipe CutterPipe Tools

RIDGID Model 286 Soil Pipe Cutter

The new RIDGID Model 286 Soil Pipe Cutter makes it easier than ever for trade professionals to get quick, repeated cuts on soil pipe up to six inches.

The tool’s single stroke operation streamlines the cutting process while the outward-facing hooks simplify connecting clay and cast iron pipe. The integrated handles are easy to adjust, helping users optimize angles and make repeated cuts with less fatigue.

Long handles and a built-in cutting mechanism also provide the mechanical advantage to minimize cutting effort and enhance ergonomics.

“Every minute counts on the jobsite, and the new RIDGID Soil Pipe Cutter saves users time and money,” said Larry Feskanich, RIDGID Product Manager. “Everything about the cutter – from its overall rugged design to its intuitive single stroke operation -- have been engineered to improve efficiency.”

RIDGID offers a full line of soil pipe cutters, including manual and powered options. Each is purpose-built for the toughest of jobsites and is backed by the RIDGID Full Lifetime Warranty.

To purchase or learn more about the Model 286 Soil Pipe Cutter or the full line of soil pipe cutter options, contact your local distributor, visit, or call toll-free: 1-800-769-7743.