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ROLAIR 13GR30HK30 Truck-mounted Air CompressorCompressors

ROLAIR 13GR30HK30 Truck-mounted Air Compressor

The 13GR30HK30 is the flagship model in ROLAIR’s line of truck-mounted stationary air compressors. All of the models in this range are engineered to provide high CFM output for extended periods of time. Equipped with Honda engines, these compressors can be mounted in the back of a truck or trailer and maneuvered around the jobsite with ease.

The Model 13GR30HK30 utilizes a 389 cc Honda GX390 engine to drive an Italian-built Chinook K30 two-stage pump, which compresses air into a 30-gallon tank.

“With the regulator dialed to 175 PSI, this model can deliver up to 23 CFM,” says Mike Kelley, Vice President of ROLAIR. “That’s enough air to support over 10 framing nailers continuously.”

Aside from its high CFM output and mobility, this model boasts a variety of features intended to make a busy contractor’s life easier.

“The 13GR models come equipped with electric-start, so starting up your air compressor is as simple as turning a key, even on cold mornings,” Kelley says. “And, like all of our gas models, it includes an automatic idle control for increased fuel efficiency and an atmospheric unloading system to prevent oil consumption.”

It also features the company’s innovative belt-tensioning device, which allows for quick and easy belt tension adjustments.

ROLAIR has several configurations among its lineup of truck-mounted air compressors, with engines ranging from 163 (GX160) to 688 cc (GX630) and tank assemblies up to 60 gallons. A variety of options are available for each model, including battery trays, in-line filters and regulators.

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