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Reed Carry Light R450PAL Tripod VisePipe Tools

Reed Carry Light R450PAL Tripod Vise

At under 28 pounds, the Carry Light R450PAL tripod vise is about 30% lighter than competitive models.

Designed primarily for plastic pipe loads, its aluminum legs reduce tripod’s carrying weight, making R450PAL a great choice for weight-critical field use.

Patented, reversible double-sided bowtie jaws with neoprene side for plastic pipe and steel jaws on other side for metal pipe provide two sets of jaws for the price of one set.

Chain vise style adjusts to pipe and odd-shaped work pieces. Straight cranking handle is included.

Cushioned handle grip is positioned so operator can carry the folded tripod at the balance point. Sides on folding tray keep tools and parts safe from falling or rolling off the edge.