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Remke Melni BD-2HLS Crimpless ConnectorCable Installation

Remke Melni BD-2HLS Crimpless Connector

The BD-2HLS is a mechanical connector that can replace existing commercial, mechanical, and crimp-style connectors. Its crimpless installation design and spiral insert technology simplifies the connection process making it safer, easier and less expensive. Invented by Mark Melni, the connector was initially featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. Remke is proud to be the Master Distributor of Melni Connectors for the electrical industry.

While traditional 2-hole lugs are non-range taking, the Melni BD-2HLS accepts anything between 2/0 AWG and #2AWG, spanning a large range of cable and wire sizes, and drastically reducing installation time.

The BD-2HLS is all that’s required for a variety of electrical applications - having multiple lug sizes and specialized dies on hand isn’t necessary anymore. In the past, electrical connections required multiple measurements, tool change outs and crimps. With the Melni BD-2HLS, an everyday wrench is all that’s needed to forge a fast and reliable connection.

The Melni BD-2HLS:

  • Exceeds the UL secureness standards by over 250 pounds and is ergonomically better than any other traditional crimping tool on the market today.
  • Is UL rated for both aluminum and copper cabling, reducing the number of tools required for daily installations.
  • Is applicable across the electrical industry and will most certainly change how Power Lineman, Electrical Contractors, High Voltage Electricians, Construction Lineman and others install power, splice or change-out cords and cable, making their job faster and safer.

“Mark’s invention would be virtually “tool-less” and could easily replace many different existing wire terminations and could be properly installed without specialized training,” says Ron Rinehart, Manager at Consolidated Electrical Distributors. “I am eagerly awaiting production of this wire terminal and would be willing to stock and support promotion and sale of the end-product to our electrical contractors, OEM and industrial customers.”

“As the Master Distributor of Melni Connectors for the electrical industry, we are pleased to partner with a company that’s producing original solutions that result in quick, reliable and safe connections for our customers,” say Mark Sweeney, President and COO of Remke Industries.

Melni’s spiral insert technology collapses around the conductor as the nut on the end of the connector is tightened, resulting in a complete wrapping of the conductor with the Melni Connector. The elements inside the connector constrict down on top of the conductor, creating a perfect environment for the electrical transfer. This process eliminates the time-consuming, unreliable and expensive crimping, soldering and wrapping that is prevalent with many current electrical connectors today.

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