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Rex-Cut Type 27 Blending WheelsAbrasives

Rex-Cut Type 27 Blending Wheels

Fillet welds are structural, so it’s important not to remove too much of the weld when finishing. Instead, a fillet weld should be reshaped into a radius through blending.

Rex-Cut’s Type 27 Blending Wheel, which is designed for controlled blending, helps fabricators blend fillet welds quickly while keeping the integrity of the weld intact.

This versatile wheel is easily shaped into a curved edge, giving the user the ability to create a true radius shape every time. This entire disc is constructed of specialty cotton fiber abrasive material, allowing the user to grind with the face, edge, and top of the wheel. This feature allows for easy and even radius blending.

For tight spaces where right angle grinders can’t reach, Rex-Cut manufactures mounted points with the same abrasive material as the Type 27 Blending Wheels. These points can blend inside corners of handrails and tubing, door handles, decorative metalwork, and more.

Available in 4-1/2”, 5”, and 7” sizes, with A36 and A54 grit, Rex-Cut Type 27 Cotton Fiber Blending Wheels provide the control needed for fillet blending.