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Rhino Carbon Fiber Corner Wall Repair KitAdhesives, Sealants & Coatings

Rhino Carbon Fiber Corner Wall Repair Kit

The Rhino Carbon Fiber Corner Wall Repair Kit reinforces and strengthens block (CMU) and poured concrete wall corners that are cracked or moving inward. The Rhino Carbon Fiber Corner Wall Repair Kit integrates 560 GSM bidirectional or 400 GSM unidirectional carbon fiber straps with RCF Saturant-Adhesive Epoxy to ensure there is a strong bond to the surface of the concrete or masonry, stabilizing the wall corner.

The final finish is smooth, flat and nearly invisible when painted and it doesn’t take up additional square footage.

Carbon fiber is light weight, easy-to-install, strong (10x stronger than steel) and non-corrosive, which eliminates the need for maintenance.

There are a variety of issues that cause cracked or inward moving foundation wall corners, but the primary reason is that many structures have beams that pocket over the top of the corners; this type of construction has a tendency to crack due to the stress and weight of the beam.

The Rhino Carbon Fiber Corner Wall Repair Kit not only fortifies the corners of areas that are breaking down, but can also be used as additional reinforcement for existing structures in good condition so they don’t crack or move inward over time, increasing strength and stability. The Rhino Carbon Fiber Corner Wall Repair Kit is the ideal corner wall repair solution you’ve been looking for!

General Use: Cracked Foundation Wall Corner Repair (CMU/Block Wall and Poured Wall). Indoor/outdoor (must be coated for outdoor).

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