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Rockler Dust Right Lathe Dust Collection System

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has developed a dust collection solution for lathes that captures dust and fine shavings from spindle turning projects more effectively than large lathe dust hoods.

"The new Dust Right Lathe Dust Collection System is unlike anything else on the market," says Steve Krohmer, Rockler's vice president for merchandising and proprietary. "It's easily adjustable and can be placed close to the source of the lathe dust and debris, so it out-performs commonly used large dust hoods."

The system includes an innovative scoop-shaped polymer dust port that's mounted to an adjustable boom arm. The boom arm pivots on a steel post and can be raised or lowered along a 15-inch range, and the dust port — which is 9 inches long and has an inside diameter of 23⁄4 inches — swivels backward and forward on the arm for positioning close to the workpiece.

The scoop shape allows the port to partly surround the spindle to capture dust and fine shavings that otherwise might be breathed in.

"The dust scoop can be positioned low on the workpiece while finish cuts are made to small turnings," Krohmer said. "Then, for sanding, it can quickly be repositioned a little higher to allow plenty of space without sacrificing performance."

To enhance adjustability, the post is attached to a 1/4-inch-thick slotted steel plate that easily mounts to the lathe with a knob and a stepped washer that fits under the bed stays. The slot in the steel plate allows for in-and-out adjustments, and the plate can be rotated and locked in at any angle.

The included FlexForm hose attaches without clamps to the dust port and extends to a bracket and a hose clamp on the steel plate for connection to any dust hose with a 21⁄2-inch outside- diameter fitting.

Except for the hose bracket clamp, all adjustments are made with easy-to-turn knobs, so no other tools are required.

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