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Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has just introduced Secret Door Kits to its product line. The new Secret Door Kits allow users to convert a doorway into a secret passage or a closet into a secret storage space by the construction of a bookcase that fits the door space and which then functions as a hidden door.

The bookcase can be used for display or storage purposes, as the hardware is designed to allow the bookcase to slide open without disturbing the items on the shelves. The result is a fully functional bookcase which conceals the room or closet behind it and allows secret access by pulling on the fixed shelves to slide it open.

"We've all seen movies where bookcases impressively transform into secret passages," says Scott Ekman, Vice President of the Marketing Department. "The Secret Door Kits turn that clever idea into reality. Now people can build secret passages in their own home and experience a little bit of Hollywood magic as well as additional concealed storage anytime they want. As a bonus, the bookcase provides extra storage space."

The Secret Door Kits are comprised of all the necessary components to construct a secret bookcase door, including all of the wood and hardware used to install the structure. The Secret Door Hardware allows the bookcase to open like a door and also provides secure mounting to the door frame or wall surface, depending on the specific kit. Installation of a complete Secret Door Kit requires only basic household tools.

The Secret Door Kits are sold in several different varieties including Black, White, Oak, Knotty Alder, and Maple.