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Snap-on Industrial Pliers Wrenches

Snap-on Industrial has launched six new Pliers Wrenches, including its largest model measuring in at 41-3/4” – all of which features better overall performance and less slippage than traditional pipe wrenches.

The new pliers wrenches comes in six different sizes, ranging from 8-3/16” to 41-3/4”, and are ideal for numerous industries, including railroad, oil and natural gas, manufacturing and others. Specific applications for the new wrenches include servicing tie rods, fleets and other heavy duty work where accessibility can be an issue.

Features and benefits of the new Pliers Wrenches include:

  • Inwardly angled teeth (fine teeth at back of jaws, larger teeth at front) for a stronger, more secure grip on objects of different sizes
  • Quick adjustment of grip width
  • Built-in guard against unthreading
  • Built-in protection on inner handle to protect against pinching
  • Wrenches can easily be locked into the desired position with the adjusting nut
  • Jaw grip increases when pressure is put on the handle
  • Narrow jaws give perfect accessibility, also in cramped corners

Six sizes of Pliers Wrenches available include:

  • Stock Number PWZ0: 8-3/16” length; 1 pound
  • Stock Number PWZ1:12-5/8” length; 1 5/8 pounds
  • Stock Number PWZ2: 17” length; 2-1/2 pounds
  • Stock Number PWZ3: 12-1/2” length; 6-3/8 pounds
  • Stock Number PWZ4: 28-5/8” length; 12 pounds
  • Stock Number PWZ5: 41-3/4” length; 17 pounds

For more information on the new Pliers Wrenches from Snap-on Industrial, call 800.466.7404 or visit