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Steel King Industrial Storage Containers

Steel King Industries, Inc., announces a line of rugged industrial storage containers that provide a long lasting, economical alternative ideal for a wide range of heavy duty storage applications. Built to last for up to 30 years, Steel King containers are a great choice for forging, sheet metal, steel parts, and ammunition storage, as well as storage of recycled materials, automotive parts before an assembly process, and all manner of work in process applications.

What sets Steel King apart from others is the amount of customization offered. Our experts take the time to get to know customer needs so they can suggest the features and benefits that will help them the most. Steel King can make containers in any size that works best for the application. Depending upon the quantity ordered, custom sizes are available at no extra cost.

Available designs include round corner corrugated steel containers; heavy-duty rigid bulk storage containers; “workingtainers” that double space utilization by turning work areas into storage; a stow gate container that adapts easily to multiple configurations; as well as an exclusive Hold ’n Fold design that can be stored or staged ready for use on the production floor. This unique option provides three containers in the same space as one rigid container.

We work hard to ensure the container will hold up to the specific application and offer a wide range of options and accessories to further customize the design for ergonomics, especially heavy industrial use, and dumping requirements. Available are half drop gates; fork stirrups; floor runners; caster plates and casters; crane eyes; and crane lifting lugs.

Other alternatives include drains/valves; fork pockets; roll-over runners; and universal stacking legs.

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