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Other Products: Striplox Concealed Joining Solutions

Australian joining technology company Joinlox launches Striplox – rapid, strong and concealed joining solutions with multiple uses.

Striplox products – protected by international patents – are made of high-spec thermo plastic and are ideal low-cost, rapid solutions for permanent or reversible assembly and reassembly of:

  • retail and point-of-sale displays,
  • cabinetry and bookshelves,
  • joinery,
  • commercial furniture,
  • office and shop fit-outs and exhibition stands,
  • acoustic wall and ceiling panelling,
  • office partitions,
  • shopping center hoardings and signage, and
  • home and DIY projects.

The key to the Striplox connector solutions – and their speed and ease of use – are a series of interlocking teeth which spread joining loads along the length of the joints, providing strong and tight connections.

Striplox are easily dismantled and are reusable, reducing on-site costs, waste, emissions and transport costs.

The Striplox solutions replace traditional joining and fastening, including brackets, screws, connectors, latches and mountings to deliver significant savings to both manufacturers and users. Striplox products are strong and durable, making the entire range perfect for numerous non-structural purposes/installations.

“The applications for Striplox are really only limited by imagination,” said Joinlox CEO, John Pettigrew. “Striplox can be used in a broad range of materials including timber, medium density fibreboard (MDF), plastic, particle board, composite and many other materials.”

Striplox is easy to use and intuitive and eliminates the need for bags of loose fasteners and confusing instructions with each order. For industry, this also means that the days of incurring the high costs of having to send skilled tradespeople to assemble at site or point-of-use are over.

“The award-winning Joinlox design team is thrilled to have fully developed and produced the Striplox range of rapid-assembly and intuitive products, and we are already receiving strong interest by the woodworking, display, furniture and construction markets both here and internationally,” said Mr Pettigrew, “To meet this demand, we also welcome distributor enquiries”.

Striplox – which includes alignment features and System 32 drill patterns – can be fitted in the factory, allowing delivery of products in efficient, flat-pack form ready for quick and easy assembly.

The Striplox solutions can be used in fully-automated assembly processes, such as in the production of high-volume furniture or cabinetry, or by smaller operators producing items on a piece-by-piece basis.